Marker User Script

The information on this page pertains to version 1.0.x of Marker. For information regarding Marker version 1.1 and newer please go here.

Marker could use a little help, because it is in the Sandbox. You can give it a hand by installing a free user script that is downloadable here.

NOTE: Marker Helper does not work on OS 10.7.x.

Apple says about the Sandbox: "Sandboxing blocks malicious code. The App Sandbox in OS X helps ensure that apps do only what they’re intended to do. App sandboxing isolates apps from the critical system components of your Mac, your data, and your other apps. Even if an app is compromised by malicious software, sandboxing automatically blocks it to keep your computer and your information safe."

Marker's main purpose is to access the files that are used in your Final Cut Pro projects. The access is limited to opening folders, selecting files, as well as setting file Labels. Marker can do all of that more or less well from within the Sandbox. However, there are some things that it could do better outside the Sandbox.

This is what MarkerUserScript is for. MarkerUserScript bundles three helper functions that enhance Marker. If MarkerUserScript is properly installed then...

  • Marker can read the Finder Labels the way that you set them. Without the helper script the Finder Labels inside Marker will be limited to their default names, i.e. the names of their colors. (This is due to a 'limitation' in Finder.)
  • Marker can compensate for another 'limitation' of Finder that causes any changes in Label names not to update the Label column in Finder windows. (The helper quickly switches the window to icon view and back to its previous view.)
  • Marker can de-select all items in a folder much more quickly and reliably. (Without the helper script Marker has to write a temporary file, select it, then delete it.)

You can download an installer for MarkerUserScript here.

Please note that without Marker installed MarkerUserScript provides no meaningful functionality, and Marker will not be able to use it on Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

Read more about Marker here.