Marker Helper Script

Marker works with the files that are used in your Final Cut Pro / Premiere / Avid projects: it opens folders, it selects and deselects files, and it sets and removes file tags. Marker can do all of that more or less well 'as is', with no additional software installed.

OS X Sandbox

However, Marker is limited to its own Sandbox, and there are some things that it could do better outside of the Sandbox. That is why there is a helper script for Marker. The helper script enhances Marker in two ways:

  • The script compensates for a limitation of Finder that occasionally causes changes in tags not to update the Finder windows. (The script quickly switches the window to icon view and back to its previous view.)
  • The Helper script can de-select all items in a folder much more quickly and reliably than Marker by itself. (Without the helper script Marker has to write a temporary file, select it, then delete it.)

These functions could not be included in the Marker application because of Apple's requirement that all apps sold the Mac AppStore be sandboxed. This is a security measure that limits an application's access to the files on your hard drives.

Apple says about the Sandbox: "Sandboxing blocks malicious code. The App Sandbox in OS X helps ensure that apps do only what they’re intended to do. App sandboxing isolates apps from the critical system components of your Mac, your data, and your other apps. Even if an app is compromised by malicious software, sandboxing automatically blocks it to keep your computer and your information safe."

Obviously there are good reasons for sandboxing applications. However, if you would like to take advantage of the enhancements provided to Marker by the helper script then you can install it right from within Marker.

Installing the script

Select Install HelperScript from the Settings menu and follow the on-screen directions to install.

The installer puts a single AppleScript file named MarkerHelperScript.scpt in your library folder located at [your home folder]/Library/Application Scripts. Marker looks for the script in that location only and automatically uses its functions to enhance your user experience.

The helper script has to be installed separately for each user account on the computer.

About the script

The Helper script is a regular AppleScript. You can look at it using the Script Editor app found in the Utilities folder. To find the script select Reveal Helper Script Folder from the Settings menu in Marker.

It is highly recommended not to alter the script.

Uninstalling the script

To uninstall the script select Reveal Helper Script Folder from the Settings menu in Marker. Then drag the script file to the trash and relaunch Marker.

If you had installed MarkerUserScript for an earlier version of Marker you can safely delete. (Note the word 'User', not 'Helper'.) It is not used by Marker 1.1 and newer.

You can install a fresh copy of the Helper script at any time. A previously installed copy of the script gets overwritten in the process.