Random-X Support

If you have a suggestion, a question or a problem please contact us by email:


Your input is always appreciated. If you write about a problem, please include the following:

  • a thorough description of the problem.
  • the version numbers of Random-X and Mac OS.
  • an XML file containing the randomized material.

    Your XML will be kept confidential, and will not be shared with any third party without your explicit consent.

    Please be aware that there is usually very little that can be done to help with any problem without an XML that causes or shows the problem.

  • a screenshot of your current settings in the main window.
    Here is a quick way to do this:
    • activate Random-X
    • hold the CMD, OPT and SHIFT keys down and press the "4" key on your keyboard. This only works on the main part of the keyboard.
    • drag a lasso with your mouse around the area you want to include, i.e. the EDL-X window. This makes a screenshot of the lassoed area and copies it to the clipboard.
    • paste the screenshot into your email (CMD-V).
  • screenshots of any error messages, or their precise and complete text.
  • the log info for Random-X.
    • Open the "Console" app in your Utilities folder
    • Type "Random-X" into the text filed in the upper right, and press the Return key
    • Select all lines in the main part of the window. Click, then press CMD-A
    • Click the "Share" button, and select "Mail"
  • if the app crashes and you get a crash report, click the 'Report...' button, then copy & paste the crash report's text into your email.
  • optionally, if you think it would be helpful to show the problem, a screen recording. This can conveniently be made with the QuickTime Player app from Apple. A description is here.