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Previously Asked Questions

Crashes in EDL-X v 2.1

It looks like there is a problem with certain types of retimes. These retimes are are hard to identify in FCP X. A possible work-around is to copy all clips from one project to another, and possibly back into the original project. This seems to prompt FCP-X to pare down retime info. This page will be updated as more info becomes available.

Re-targetting an automatically installed FCP-X Share Destination

Share destinations in FCP-X, such as the one installed from the Preference tab in EDL-X, are hard-coded to target the app in a specific place. In this case the targeted app is EDL-X.

So far, the automatically installed share destination targets EDL-X in the wrong place. (This is fixed in the 2.2 update.)

This problem can lead to an export of a full QuickTime, and no action in EDL-X. This can be fixed manually in the FCP X Preferences. Point FCP X to where-ever your copy of EDL-X is installed by selecting in it the 'Open with:" popup menu.

How to manually install a FCP X Share Destination

EDL-X can be a share destination, i.e. exported files can be sent directly from FCP X to EDL-X from the Share menu. For information about creating a share destination, please see Apple's help topic here. Here are a few more details:

  • As a starting point, choose "Export File".
  • The only setting that matters is "Open with:". Select your copy of EDL-X.
  • Absolutely no video or audio is going to be rendered using this share destination. Disregard the estimated file size.
  • Rename the share destination to "EDL-X" for ease of use.
  • Consider making this share destination the default, so that you can use its keyboard shortcut.

Source Reel Info

Since version 10.0.6 FCP X XML files can contain Reel information. EDL-X can now read that information. Alternatively, EDL-X can attempt to read the source reel info from the QuickTimes, if they are accessible to the app. Otherwise the media file name, or the full file path to the media file, can be used for the reel name.

Regardless of the chosen option, the source names can be edited in the Sources tab.

About track assignments

Each video track goes into its own, new EDL - due to how CMX3600 EDLs work. Any audio clip that is in the same event as a video clip will be in the same EDL as the video. However, if the 4 audio tracks that the CMX 3600 EDL format supports do not suffice for all associated clips, a new, audio-only EDL will be made.

Any audio-only events, including clips that came originally from clips with video, but were split off in the timeline, will be added to the first EDL, i.e. the one that contains the first video track. However, the audio only events will not be put on tracks that also contain audio from video clips.

Mixing Frame Rates

Final Cut Pro X happily uses clips that don't match their frame rates to the project frame rate. Usually those clips play at 100 % of their native speed, e.g. a 48 fps clip in a 24 fps project.

In certain cases, however, FCP X will adjust the playback speed, for example for 25 fps clips in 24 fps projects. Such clips would play at about 96 % of their original speed. In FCP X this adjustment is automatic. EDL-X will add a note to any event where FCP X has altered the playback speed, regardless of the "Mismatched Frame Rates" setting in the Preferences tab.

With "Mismatched Frame Rates" checked a note is added to each event where the frame rate of the source clip does not exactly match the project frame rate, regardless of the playback speed.

The CMX 3600 Standard

The specification for CMX 3600 EDLs is available as a pdf here.