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Previously Asked Questions

Avid crashes during ALE Import

If a bin column contains text that is too long the Avid crashes on import. Songster prevents this starting with version 2.4 by truncating the text in each column to 255 characters. This happens silently and without warning.

No Metadata is read, and the clip duration is zero

Until the update to Songster version 2.4 the app fully relied on Spotlight metadata to obtain information about the files. Songster v2.4 reads metadata directly from the audio files.

Some hard drives and other storage media do not support Spotlight, and the metadata fields read '(null)'. Depending on the storage/hard drives used Spotlight may not be available. This is true for all Windows-formatted drives, including USB memory sticks. Spotlight can be disabled and enabled by the user using the Terminal application. Avid Unity drives can also have Spotlight turned on or off. Songster can only read metadata for files that have Spotlight enabled.

Can I use Songster with Final Cut Pro X?

No - Final Cut Pro X actually automatically does what Songster does. Songster makes XML compatible with 'classic' Final Cut Pro (i.e. up to version 7.0.3). Incidentally, Songster's feature to 'Send XML to Final Cut Pro' works on FCP versions 5.1.2 and higher.