CMX 3600 EDLs from FCP X: EDL-X

Create Edit Decision Lists - EDLs - from Final Cut Pro X XML files. The EDLs conform to the CMX 3600 standard and can be used to bring your cut into post production systems like DaVinci, Smoke, etc.

EDL-X groups all video and audio clips into as few tracks as possible. Each video track gets its own EDL, with synch audio in the same EDL.

EDL X features flexible Source Reel Name handling:
• Source names can be read directly from the FCP XML file, or from the QuickTime files used in the project.
• Alternatively, media file names, or full file paths can be used.
• Source names can be made to conform to strict CMX standards (three numbers), or 8, 16, 32 or unlimited alpha-numerical characters.
• Each EDL includes a source table, allowing for easy tracking of any name conversions.
• All source names are user-editable, on a per-source basis.
• The Sources listed in the Sources Tab can be saved as tab-delimited text.

EDL-X can save the Final Cut Pro XML file as well as the generated EDLs in one convenient document for future reference.

Drag and drop XML files to create EDLs.

EDL-X supports reading source reel information from XML files exported from FCP X.

Markers and Clip Notes can be reflected in EDLs.

Here is a quick video introduction to EDL-X:

Drag and Drop Source Reel Info items to tell EDL-X what reel names to use.


EDL-X runs on Mac OS 10.7.3 and newer. It requires Final Cut Pro X to export your edited project as XML files.


EDL-X is available on Apple's Mac App Store.