Songster - Audio Import With Metadata

Save hours of re-typing metadata of your imported audio files in Final Cut Pro 7 or Avid Media Composer. Drag the files you want to use in your nonlinear video editor into Songster and they'll be turned into clips including all sound metadata. For Final Cut Pro Songster can put the new clips in the right bin for you, and you have control over many clip details, such as preset volume and custom comments.

Just Drag and Drop audio files - and get all metadata automatically

Songster offers 4 convenient spots to drop your audio files:

  • the drop zone in Songster's main window
  • A small, unobtrusive drop target window that you can put anywhere on the screen. It turns semi-transparent when not in use.
  • Songster's application icon, for example in the Dock:
  • A small menu bar icon at the top of your screen

Drag audio files

Here three songs are dragged from the Finder to Songster's main window. You can also drag directly from iTunes.

Workflow for Avid

Just drag and drop your audio files, and Songster makes an ALE AvidLog Exchange file for you that contains all metadata. Optionally add a custom column and set its content. Once the ALE file is saved to disk, import it into an Avid bin, and batch-import the media.

Have a look at how easy it is to get audio files and their metadata into Avid Media Composer in this video:

Bug Fix / Update Songster v2.2

Songster version 2.2 adds an optional change of the syntax used in ALE files. When 'Modern ALE Syntax' is checked on, the paths appear imported correctly in newer versions of Avid Media Composer, fascilitating a smoother batch-import experience.

Workflow for Final Cut Pro 7 and prior

Drag music or sound effects files, or even folders, from the Finder onto Songster, and Songster will do the rest for you. The audio files are turned into clips and those are sent right to Final Cut Pro, instantly ready for editing.

Have a look at how easy it is to get audio file metadata into Final Cut Pro 7 in this video:

You can customize Songster's behaviour in many ways:

  • Preset the clip volume - very handy for audio CDs!
  • Get clips named after the iTunes song name or after the file
  • Assign metadata items, such as Artist, Composer etc to FCP bin columns
  • Have the current date and time entered into a bin column
  • Put a customized comment in a bin column
  • Have Songster put the new clips into new or existing bins named either for the enclosing folder, or to a name specified by you. (Note: Existing bins can only be detected when you are using Final Cut Pro 7.)

Automatic vs. Manual XML

With Final Cut Pro version 7 and Songster running on the same machine the new clips can be sent directly to Final Cut Pro.

Prior versions of Final Cut Pro can not recieve the clips directly. Songster can also create an XML file that you can then manually import into Final Cut Pro. This is also useful when Songster is not running on the same system.

Tech Specs

Songster combines two previous products from XMiL Workflow Tools, XMiL Songster and XMiL SongsterALE. The new version of Songster described on this page has been re-built from the ground up and is many times faster than its predecessors. It is sold exclusively in Apple's Mac App Store.

Songster requires Mac OS 10.7.3 and higher. The XML produced for FCP works with Final Cut Pro versions 5.1.2 through 7.x (and NOT with Final Cut Pro X). Songster can send XML information directly to Final Cut Pro version 7.x, with no need to save an XML file to disk first. The ALE files produced for Avid Media Composer work with all versions.

Get Songster

Songster is available on Apple's Mac App Store.