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Previously Asked Questions

Source Reel Info

Since version 10.0.6 FCP X XML files can contain Reel information. EDL-X can now read that information. Alternatively, EDL-X can attempt to reed the source reel info from the QuickTimes, if they are accessible to the app. Otherwise the media file name, or the full file path to the media file, can be used for the reel name.

Regardless of the chosen option, the source names can be edited in the Sources tab.

Varispeed / Retimed clips

Clips with variable speed are supported only on 'bottom' layers. This means it's ok to retime clips in the timeline, but it's not ok to retime compound clips.

About track assignments

Each video track goes into its own, new EDL - due to how CMX3600 EDLs work. Any audio clip that is in the same event as a video clip will be in the same EDL as the video. However, if the 4 audio tracks that the CMX 3600 EDL format supports do not suffice for all associated clips, a new, audio-only EDL will be made.

Any audio-only events, including clips that came originally from clips with video, but where split off in the timeline, will be added to the first EDL, i.e. the one that contains the first video track. However, the audio only events will not be put on tracks that also contain audio from video clips.

About Timecode Rates

Mismatched Timecode frame rates occur when the sources's timecode format doesn't match the sequence, e.g. a 24 fps clip in a 30 fps sequence. You can have EDL-X either display the source timecode at it's native rate, or at the sequence's rate. Note: The difference should be limited to the last 2 digits of the resulting timecode.


Known Problems and Limitations in version 1.3

EDL-X sometimes crashes when loading a new XML while the Sources table is displayed

EDL-X intermittently crashes while loading a new XML if the Sources table is displayed. This is a bug and will be fixed in the next update.

Work-around: Make sure that the Source table is not displayed while loading a new XML file. This is greatly aided by not showing the Source table automatically.

EDL-X crashes when an XML containing EVents is loaded

When loading an XML containing Events, rather than a Sequence, EDL-X crashes. It should warn the user and abort the loading.This is a bug and will be fixed in the next update.

EDL-X intermittently freezes when accessing media files

Under certain circumstances EDL-X will crash when accessing media files on disk, and it will warn about this specific issue when you relaunch it.

EDL-X is a sand-boxed application, and as such it needs permission from the user to read the media files on disk. This permission can be obtained by EDL-X in one of 2 ways: either indirectly from FCP X, by decoding information contained in the XML file, or directly, from the user via a file selector box.

Due to what seems to be a problem with Mac OS X using that permission, regardless of how it was obtained, fails intermittently, and EDL-X freezes. This is not a flaw (a.k.a. 'bug') in EDL-X. It is expected that this problem will fix itself in the future with a system software update.

There are 2 known work-arounds:

1.) Avoid reading metadata from media files on disk. This can be achieved in the Preferences. Make sure that both items that read from media files ("File:...") are colored red, and are in the Ignored box, like so:

2.) Log out of the system, and log back in. This can be achieved by selecting Log out ... in the Apple Menu. This procedure provides temporary relief, and may have to be repeated on an ongoing basis.

Sorry for this hassle.


Known Problems and Limitations in version 1.1

App sometimes crashes with 3-Digit Reel Numbers

When 3-Digit Numerical source names are assigned the app crashes unceremoneously if the first clip it processes does not have a name associated with it that contains a number. e.g. "Tape8". A fix is in the pipeline. As a work-around, use 8-Digit Alphanumericals and assign names in the Sources tab.


Known Problems and Limitations in version 1.0

PAL Dropframe Timecode

Under some circumstances FCP X XML files contain items that are designated PAL Dropframe Timecode. The current version of EDL-X - v 1.0 - does not catch that error, and the resulting timecode vallues are incorrect. (Adressed in update 1.1)

Source Timecodes are randomly off

Under some circumstances source timecodes are randomly incorrect. This may occur with 23.98 fps clips in 25 fps sequences - this appears to be a malfunction within FCP-X. The next update of EDL-X will most likely attempt to warn about situations like this. (Adressed in update 1.1)

Tape Number Overflow

When assigning tape numbers EDL-X does not warn you when the assigned tape numbers exceed 999. The next update will address this issue. If you experience this phenomenon, you should strongly consider breaking your sequence down into several smaller chunks. (Adressed in update 1.1)

Event Number Overflow

When making EDLs for very long sequences EDL-X will not warn when the number of evenets in an EDL exceeds 999. While the resulting EDL still sticks close to the correct format, you should not expect other devices or applications to correctly read the list. The next update will address this issue. If you experience this phenomenon, you should strongly consider breaking your sequence down into several smaller chunks. (Adressed in update 1.1)

Very long XMLs

When extremely long XML files are converted EDL-X will appear to be unresponsive, possibly crashed. However, EDL-X will potentially still produce an EDL - be patient. The next update will alleviate this issue. Nonetheless, if you experience this phenomenon, you should strongly consider breaking your sequence down into several smaller chunks. (Adressed in update 1.1)

The CMX 3600 Standard

The specification for CMX 3600 EDLs is available as a pdf here.