XMiL Workflow Tools
Tools that make post production easier

EDL-X makes CMX 3600-compliant Edit Decision Lists based on XMLs exported from Apple Final Cut Pro X. This helps integrating Final Cut Pro X with many industry-standart post production workflows. EDL-X is available on the Mac App Store. More information about EDL-X is available here.

Marker helps you discover your Final Cut Pro X and 7, as well as Premiere Pro and Avid AMA media files on the Finder level. You can select used and unused media files, and you can interactively manage Finder Tags of the files contained in the XML (or ALE for Avid). Marker is available on Apple's Mac App Store, and more information is available here.

Songster helps you to get audio files - including their metadata - into Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro 7 very efficiently. Songster supports drag and drop directly from iTunes and from the Finder. Avid ALE files made with the app carry the original file location for immediate batch import. Songster is available on Apple's Mac App Store, and more information is available here.

Ever had trouble coming up with a montage? Sometimes it's tough to make sense of the footage that you have available for montages, and sometimes the lightning of inspiration simply refuses to strike. Dicer randomizes your edit, shuffles shots around and accelerates your montage-workflow in Final Cut Pro 7. The application will not work with Final Cut Pro X. Dicer is available on Apple's Mac App Store, and more information, including a demo video, is available here.

All Apps are available on Apple's Mac App Store.

Custom Workflow Tools

Need a solution to a specific problem? Have your own tailor-made solution built by XMiL Workflow Tools. We have built custom solutions for Chyron Corp. , Next Element by Deluxe and the Fox feature film 'Chronicle'. Contact us for more information.

What else?

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests for applications around Final Cut Pro, XML and post production, or anything else, please let us know.