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When writing about a problem please consider making a screen recording to show exactly what happens. You can use QuickTime Player 10 to easily record your screen, including audio, even your voice. Please also send along the XML that causes the problem.

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Previously Asked Questions

Re-targetting an automatically installed FCP-X Share Destination

Share destinations in FCP-X, such as the one optionally installed by Marker, are hard-coded to target the app in a specific place. In this case the targeted app is Marker.

The automatically installed share destination targets Marker in the Applications folder. If your copy of Marker is in a different place you are likely to see an export of a full QuickTime, and no action in EDL-X.

This can be fixed manually in the FCP X Preferences. Point FCP X to where-ever your copy of Marker is installed by selecting in it the 'Open with:" popup menu.

MarkerUserScript distributed with Marker version 1.0.x

The helper script versions used with Marker version 1.0.x are discontinued, and do not work with Marker 1.1. . Those versions of MarkerUserScript were versioned 1.0.2. and 1.0.3. If you are using Marker version 1.1+ then you should delete scripts with those version numbers. Select Reveal 'Helper Script Folder' from the Settings menu in Marker, and drag the scripts to the trash.

Deleting Preferences

In certain instances it can be helpful to remove Marker's preferences. To do that, go to the Finder level, and press CMD-SHIFT-G. Then paste the following into the dialog field:


Find and delete the file called biz.xmil.marker.plist